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Ingunn Bjørgo

Norwegian tunes to share creative strategies

Ingunn Bjørgo is back with her Norwegian tunes, some new and some old ones. Taking a playful approach to music, Ingunn will teach her tunes and share creative strategies for developing an arrangement that fits your goals.

[12] Ingunn Bjørgo • Niveau 3 / Stemming CF

You will get the sheets with notation for diatonic accordion C/F at the workshop.

Ingunn Bjørgo

Ingunn Bjørgo is a Norwegian composer and recording artist on diatonic and chromatic accordion. She is a well-known figure in the folk music and accordion environment in Norway, and gives concerts and workshops throughout Scandinavia and Europe. Ingunn also loves accompanying dancers with Scandinavian and Balfolk music

Her music has reached an audience far beyond folk music and old-time music fans, and has been used by NRK (the Norwegian national broadcasting), among others.
In december 2019, Ingunns melody ‘Et lite minutt’ (sung by pop artist Trygve Skaug), was one of the most aired tunes on the main radio station NRK P1 in Norway.

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