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Renato Muller

An insight into the Brazilian repertoire

With 10 years of experience in teaching the 8-bass diatonic accordion, in this workshop Renato Muller provides an insight into the Brazilian repertoire and styles of the instrument, focusing on the Southern styles of playing, closely related to the folk musics of Uruguay and specially Argentina. The main rhythms that will be studied are the Chamamé, the Vaneira and the Milonga.

[7] Renato Muller • Niveau 3 / stemming CF

It is advised to be previously acquainted with the following tunes: ‘Serrinha’ (Folclore/Renato Borghetti), ‘Recordando as Bailanta’ (Gilberto Monteiro),‘Hospitaleira Vacaria’ (Lilo Fonceca and Edson Dutra),‘Milonga para as Missões’ (Gilberto Monteiro),‘Missioneiro’ (Tio Bilia) and‘Prelúdio para um Beija Flor’ (Gilberto Monteiro). Workshop’s contents:

Best Instrumentalist

Accordionist based in Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil. Released his debut album in 2009, entitled ‘Garatuja’, having been awarded the prize of Moenda da Canção Festival as ‘Best Instrumentalist’ thanks to it.
In the same year, was also awarded the ‘Best Soundtrack’ prize at the Gramado Film Festival, for the movie ‘Em teu nome’, directed by Paulo Nascimento.
In 2011, was responsible for the musical direction of the TV series ‘Fim do Mundo’, a production of Accorde Filmes. It was broadcast internationally for 89 countries around Europe and Africa by RBS TV and Globo TV.

South Korea

In addition, is a member of the group Irish Fellas, dedicated to the study, research and performance of Irish traditional music, playing both the D/G and B/C button accordion. In 2012 composed the soundtrack for the movie ‘A Oeste do Fim do Mundo’, also written by Paulo Nascimento. As accompanying musician in Cadica’s Costa dance group, he participated in the Cioff World Folkloriada, which took place in Anseong, South Korea, as well as in the Grupo Folclórico da Corredoura Festival, Portugal, in 2013. Also in 2013, with the Irish Fellas, he played at Rock in Rio Festival, as a member of Sensessional, a team of the best musicians who perform Irish traditional music in Brazil.

Teaching children and teenagers

Since 2012, he teaches in the Fábrica de Gaiteiros project, a musical and social project coordinated by the Renato Borghetti Institute of Music and Culture, in the Porto Alegre branch. The project consists in teaching children and teenagers to play the 8-bass accordion. In 2019, Renato gave 3 workshops of Brazilian styles of diatonic accordion in Italy, in the cities of Genova, Lecce and Rome. At the moment, he is currently preparing a new record, mixing new compositions and new arrangements for folk musics. Alongside with his musical career, Renato is currently an undergraduate student of Music at Instituto Porto Alegre (IPA).

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