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Filippo Gambetta

Traditional music from Liguria and Lower Piedmont

Coming from Genoa (northern Italy), Filippo Gambetta is a diatonic accordion player who focus to the composition of original music and the revival of traditional music from Liguria. In the workshop he will teach traditional music from his homeland and in particular from Liguria and Lower Piedmont (north western Italy), as well as some original compositions taken from his album Otto Baffi. This album was the winner of the most important national prize related to world music, the twelfth Loano Prize, as ‘Best traditional Italian music record’.

[5] Filippo Gambetta • niveau 3-4 / GC

The compositions it contains, as well as the traditional music that will be taught during the workshop, can be performed on the two-row and eight bass diatonic accordion. Transcripts in C/F will be provided to the course participants.

Filippo Gambetta

Filippo Gambetta is an Italian diatonic accordion player and composer. The music that he presents is innovative contemporary folk music with lots of different influences. Hailing from Genoa, in northern Italy, Filippo has recorded four albums on his own: Stria (2000), Pria Goaea (2002), Andirivieni (2009), Otto Baffi (2015). Filippo is a member of the Italian folk music band Liguriani, with whom he tours extensively Europe.
His main projects at the moment are the duo with the Canadian pianist Emilyn Stam and the project ‘Maestrale’; this band released an album in 2019 and toured Italy extensively. Among the main musicians with whom Filippo Gambetta has collaborated we remember Jean Michel Veillon, Nuala Kennedy, Riccardo Tesi, Oliver Schroer, Beatriz Aguiar, Gianmaria Testa.
Active in the field of teaching, Filippo Gambetta has held accordion courses throughout Europe.
Filippo has proposed his compositions in numerous countries around the world; the main stages include all the main Canadian folk festivals, in which Filippo has performed during four national tours.
Filippo has composed original music for theater productions in his city (Teatro Archivolto, Teatro della Tosse, Auditorium Montale) and composed original music for contemporary dance (UbiDanza company).

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