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Pekka Pentikäinen

The finnish 2-row accordion worshop

On the finnish 2-row accordion worshop we’ll play traditional 2-row music from the western part of Finland where the tradition has been very strong untill these days and the music of the area is very unique. We´ll familiarise also to the carelian music tradition. On the worshop you can play by ear or use music sheets. The repertory consists of easy tunes to more challenging ones.

[12] Pekka Pentikäinen • Niveau 2-3 / CF

Pekka Pentikäinen: accordionist, composer and accordion teacher, has a master´s degree in music from the Sibelius Music Academy. He performs with various music groups representing the diverse styles of music in Finland, Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. Currently Pekka Pentikäinen works with 2-row accordion band Accrowbatics and the folk music big band Espoon Pelimannit.

His hit tunes e.g. Hangover Quadrille have been recorded by multiple artists in various genres. He has released two books for 2-row accordion and one consisting arrangements for a folk music big bands. At the moment his favourit job is accordion teaching.

The Finnish Folk Music Association has awarded Pekka a silver medal for his exceptional contributions to Finnish folk music.

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