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Loïc Etienne

Muziek uit Midden Frankrijk

Foto: Mark Söhngen

During this workshop, we will explore the particular style of ‘Massif Central’ music. “Push-pull” playing and diverse ornementation skills will be worked and used as tools in order to emphasize this repertoire.

[5] Loïc Etienne • niveau 2-3-4 / GC

Level : everybody accepted, except ‘absolute beginners’

Loïc Etienne grew up in Auvergne, among the association ‘Les Brayauds’, in which he learnt popular dances and musics from ‘Massif Central’ (middle moutains in the centre of France). He trained with local famous accordeonists (notably Freddy Dussaillant and Eric Champion) and by listening to some recordings of traditional musicians.
Nowadays he practices ball music with different bands (Komred, Bougnat Sound, La Ficelle, La Vielha, Duo Etienne, Folle Ardoise, Chabanne, Terroir Collapse), always with the aim of the ‘beautiful notes’ and the ‘groove’ that old musicians were speaking about.
He also gives diatonic accordion and ensemble playing workshops, in which he proposes to explore the particular style of Massif Central music. The goal for the pupil is to find one’s own way of freedom by confronting one’s music to the one of other musicians, be it from the past or the present.

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