Victor Pedrol

Accent op techniek en meerstemmigheid

We will look for a good sonority and expression. We will work how to stand accordion (attitude) and to learn to have a full sound, a sound with expression, not only sound. We will work on what we are feeling while we are playing and how it arrives to the people who are listening. We will have an approach to play conductions (intuitive music making, improvising) and we will play canons to play in differents voices.

14 • Victor Pedrol | CF - niveau 2

I am Víctor Pedrol from Barcelona. When I was a kid I played violin but I wanted to play drums. Finaly, at sixteen years old I started with drums and percussions. My aproach to music is through rithm so I play accordion like a drummer. I look for a good sonority and expression and I put an special focus to groove. That's my way of playing and understanding music.

I started to play accordion at the age of 24. I knew folk and popular music becouse I played it with percussions and fastly I became a folk-accordeonist. I studied accordion with Carles Belda and Cati Plana at high school academy of Barcelona. In 2009 I discovered Alexander Technique and last spring I became teacher of AT. That has allowed me to improve my playing a lot.

My reference band with accordion is the band Ameba.

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