Pete Coe

Gevarieerde dansmuziek

Pete Coe will teach a variety of dance tunes and can teach which dances fit these best. He’ll focus on rhythm, phrasing & pace & introduce alternative chord structures to encourage variations & improvisation to make the basic tunes more exciting to play. He will include some songs and ideas for accompaniment.
He’ll provide music but will also teach by ear & is happy for you to record the sessions.

11 • Pete Coe || CF - niveau 2

Pete Coe has been a professional folk musician since 1971 playing at festivals, concerts folk clubs & schools throughout Europe & USA. He recorded & toured with Chris Coe, Nic Jones & Tony Rose in Bandoggs. He’s been a dance band musician for most of these years playing melodeon in The New Victory Band who toured in Holland & Belgium many times. He’s a singer & multi –instrumentalist who plays for dancing & is a dance caller, specialising in Northern English tunes & dances. He has been melodeon tutor at several ‘Melodeons at Witney Weekends’, at many English folk festivals and teaches Folk Music at Huddersfield University.

BBC Radio 2 described him as ‘a one man folk industry’

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