Ingunn Bjorgo

Old and new music from Norway

In her workshop Ingunn will teach both old and new diatonic accordion music from Norway. You will also get some ideas for how to develop arrangement for the melodies.

7 • Ingunn Bjorgo | CF - niveau 2

Ingunn Bjorgo is a composer and musician from Asker, near Oslo, Norway.
She plays both the diatonic and the regular accordion, and writes music both for her bands as well as other artists.
Ingunn has recorded several albums, among them three oldtimemusic-albums with her band AskerLadden, and the album "Borderland" with her folk band Ingunn Bjorgo Band.

Her new duo ‘Bjorgo & Reistad‘, (together with guitar player Asmund Reistad) is releasing a new album in May 2015. Ingunn is also a dance musician, and she will bring some of her dancing tunes to the workshop.

You can find her music on Spotify/iTunes:


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