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Liv Hallum López-Llauder

Traditional tunes from the Catalan Pyrenees

In this workshop we will learn some of the most traditional songs from the catalan part of the Pyrenees. We will work on the different genders of dance music that old players used to play (Pasdoble, Jota, Polca, Masurca...). We will also work on some second voices and rythmic and harmonic accompainments.

[10] Liv Hallum • Niveau 2-3 / GC

Liv Hallum López-Llauder

Liv Hallum is a young accordion player from the Catalan Pyrennees. She plays actually in a band called Orquestrina Trama wich is playing around Europe to spread the traditional music from the Pyrenees . They have been touring in Spain, Italy, France, Polland and Mexico.
She also plays in Magari: a duo of diatonic accordion and fiddle with Ivan Garriga, with this group they are playing own compositions.
She is teaching accordion in the Escola Folk del Pirineu which is the traditional music school in the Catalan Pyrenees.


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