The Music Book of Andries Kiers

In the Music book of Kiers are found lots of dance tunes from the beginning of the 19th century. Some of them are much older. Some of them are until today well-known children songs, such as 'Alle Eendjes zwemmen in het Water' (All Ducks are swimming in the Water).

The original manuscript.
  • The original manuscript.

On the cover of the book is written in nice calligraphic handwriting: 'Andries Kiers zijn muzijkboek' (Andries Kiers his music book). It was brought in 1948 into the Provincial Library of Leeuwarden - the capital of the province of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands - by a descendant of a musicplayer.

Who the real writer is of these manuscripts is not cleared even today. One of two cousins from the town of Noordwolde, who listened both to the name Andries Kiers, are supposed to be, but nobody knows which of the two.

The version of Anneke Goudkuil
  • The version of Anneke Goudkuil

Anyhow it is possible that the book is not written by an Andries Kiers at all! Perhaps it was done by a violin-player, who had residence in Noordwolde in the time the cousins Kiers lived there and may be he has taught them music playing.

Anneke Goudkuil, who is squeezebox teacher in the town of Deventer, has worshipped on the book since 1994, to convert the tunes in it to 2row squeezeboxtunes in C/F-tuning. Presented in Februar 1999 it will be a bottemless source of inspiration for squeezers, who like to study traditional Dutch folk-melodies. These melodies are often very nice dance-tunes, as the book shows!

Listen to the music of the book:


Kiers 12 (Scottisch)

Kiers 37 (Scottish) – With group of students

Kiers 50 (Alle Eendjes) – With group of students


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